What are cookies?
Our website uses features and techniques that ensure that the website is both user-friendly, useful and personal. The best known example of this kind of functionalities are cookies. We use the word cookies as a collective name for all functionality, but there are also other functionalities.

The use of cookies by EuroClix is completely safe. They are not computer programs, and they cannot be used to spread viruses. Also any personal information such as e-mail address cannot be derived from cookies. Cookies remember your preferences and offer only better use of your browser. EuroClix has a strict privacy policy that fits within the Data Protection Act.

We find it very important that you know which cookies are used by our sites and what purpose those cookies have.

Functional cookies
The EuroClix site uses cookies to make sure that our websites work properly. Thus, we use cookies to make it possible for you to earn Clix. These are for:

  • Track which offers you have clicked;
  • Register with which merchant you are eligible for (Clix) points;

We also use functional cookies for loging in with EuroClix. They are for:

  • Identifying your browser when you are logged in, so you do not have to login every time;
  • Offering the ability store login details and to ensure that it’s not necessary to enter them upon each time re-entering;

And last but not least we use functional cookies for:

  • Remembering your consent to the use of cookies;
  • Remembering the information that you enter on different pages, so you do not have to fill out all your data over and over again;
  • Passing information from one page to the next page;
  • Storing preferences on for example filters or displaying results;
  • Reading your browser settings to optimize displaying our website on your screen;
  • To detect abuse of our website and services, such as registering a number of consecutive login attempts;
  • Balancing the load on our websites to ensure accessibility;

Third party cookies
If you visit a merchats that is included on the website of EuroClix, the chances are that you’ll find this website through a third party visit. This third party is a network which supplies a technical service to EuroClix. Along with the cookies (third party cookies) that are being used by the network, they ensure that EuroClix receives her commission on purchases that you earn through us. From this commission we pay the Clix to youx. Without this third party and the commission EuroClix can’t offer its services and can’t assign the Clix to you.

EuroClix believes it is important to present the opportunity to its members and visitors to share a good offer. And that is why sharing this content via social media is an important part of the services we want to offer on our sites.

The offers you view on our site, you can share with the listed social media buttons. To make this work, the buttons use cross-site cookies - so the social media party can recognize you when you have an offer or link to share through social media.

These cookies enables users who are logged on to certain selected social media to share content of our website directly with friends and other users. For the cookies that the social-media-party sites use and possible data they collect, we would like to refer you to the terms and conditions that these parties have on their own websites; please find links to a few of these parties below. Note that these conditions can change regularly. EuroClix has no influence.

Browser settings
If you do not want websites to place cookies on your computer, you can modify your browser settings so that you receive a warning before a cookie is being placed. You can also adjust the settings so that all your browser cookies or just cookies from third parties are refused, but unfortunately the EuroClix program will no longer function for you; that is why we strongly discommend this . Be aware that if you choose the setting that the EuroClix websites will no longer accessible. How these settings can be stored varies by browser. Please consult the help function of your browser or click on the links below for the most common manufacturers of browsers.

chrome firefox ie safari opera

For a comprehensive list of instructions please visit Your Online Choices.

Final Determination
We will occasionally have to update these conditions, because of changes made to our website or changes made to the rules around cookies. EuroClix reserves the right to change the contents of this statement at all times and without notice of change. We recommend that you regularly consult this webpage for the latest version.